Becky Lerch, CFM
200 S Lincoln Rm 202, West Point, NE
OFFICE: (402)372-6008 | MOBILE: (402)380-4726 | FAX (402)372-6013

The Zoning Administrator is the central figure in zoning administration. All zoning and subdivision cases are coordinated through the office of the Zoning Administrator. The Zoning Administrator is not a policy maker but a policy follower. He/she is an appointed individual who also serves as the County Floodplain Administrator.

The Administrator:

  • Receives, reviews and issues Zoning Permits;
  • Receives and reviews Applications for Variances and Conditional Use Permits;
  • Receives requests for rezoning;
  • Prepares Resolutions for amending zoning regulations, subdivision regulations, comp plan, zoning map;
  • Reviews and Issues floodplain development permits when development occurs in the Floodplain;
  • Prepares all documents for submission to the Planning Commission and/or Board of Adjustment;
  • Is knowledgeable and follows the ‘Open Meetings Act’ when conducting public meetings;
  • Attends meetings, takes minutes and preserves documents according to state statutes;
  • Takes an advisory role to the Planning Commission and Board of Adjustments and educates each board on the County Comprehensive Plan and Zoning Regulations;
  • Is responsible for presenting the applicant’s request to the County Board of Supervisors for their action;
  • Is responsible for site visits to insure compliance with County Zoning Regulations as directed by the County Board of Supervisors;
  • Is responsible for completing reports and providing documents to the Nebraska Department of Agriculture to fulfill the County’s commitment to the ‘Livestock Friendly Program’.

Mark Schweers | Chairman | 402-380-8107

Kevin Brester – Vice-Chairman|  402-750-6159

Larry Zobel – Secretary | 402-380-8597

Tim Hunke  | 402-380-0931

Rick Fullner | 402-380-3414

Duane Drieling | 402-380-1011

Paul Meyer | 402-640-5921

Terry Jahnke | 402-380-2158

Ross Klitz | 402-380-9782

Randy Wattermann | Chairman | 402-372-7005

Paul Peters | Vice Chairman | 402-380-9882

Paul Meyer | Secretary/Planning Commission Representative | 402-640-5921

Tom Hagedorn | 402-380-9612

Daryle Urwiler | 402-380-4353

Grant Brockemeier | Alternate | 402-394-5996 – Electronic Map
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Current Zoning Map – PDF File – Adopted February 26, 2020

Cuming County Zoning Fee Schedule