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District Court


Yes, the cost is 25 cents per page.

Pro Se forms may be downloaded from website at: https://supremecourt.nebraska.gov/forms or contact the Legal Aid Society of Nebraska at 1-877-250-2016.  Another resources is Nebraska Find a Lawyer: https://www.nefindalawyer.com

As of December 21, 2001 all payments of Child support are being paid through the Nebraska Child Support Payment Center. If there is a judgment for Spousal Support with the Child Support Order the Spousal Support will be paid there also. Contact them at: 1-877-631-9973 or www.nebraskachildsupport.com (county and case ID required). 

You will need to fill out a passport application, which is available at the District Court office or online through the Department of State. Bring one passport photo, your original certified birth certificate, your previous passport (if applicable), photo ID, and two checks or money orders. Apply in person at the District Court Office. Minors under the age of 16 must be accompanied by both parents. Plan to arrive by 4:00 p.m. Monday – Friday (open at 8:30 am).

For persons under 16 a passport expires in five years. For persons 16 and over a passport expires after 10 years.

Processing times vary due to conditions such as pandemic restrictions.  Contact your Acceptance Agent for current information.

Passport costs change often.  Call 402-372-6004 or visit the District Court office to confirm current costs.

Certified copy of birth certificate, one passport picture, driver’s license or ID card

By filing an application with the Clerk of District Court. Forms are provided by the Court Clerk. Help filling out the form is available if needed from “The Bridge”, 402-372-2204 – 24 hour crisis line 888-721-4340 – http://www.bridgefromviolence.com/

Yes, but most of the information is turned over to the State Historical Society in Lincoln NE.

The Clerk of District Court’s records are public information, however, our office will not complete these searches. We will assist you by directing you to the records to be searched. Also, you may subscribe to the Online Access to Justice available on the Nebraska Courts’ website: http://www.nebraska.gov/subscribe.phtml
We have records on-site that date back to the 1800’s. We will assist by directing you to the books and records available to research but any assistance will be only as our time permits. Copies may be purchased for a nominal fee. Nebraska Historical Society has many records; contact them at:
www.nebraskahistory.org/index.htm or 1-800-833-6747. 
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